“Janasena” Name In RX100 Movie

Janasena Name In RX100 Movie

Generally, in the flow of the film, we don’t recognize some things. And, there will not be much time to see them. But, some persons identify them and posted on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Then, the matter should viral, really if it is an interesting one. As like that, if the matter about a star hero, definitely it will be viral. Now, a news came out about Pawan Kalyan’s Janasena party. Moreover, it is the combination of the latest hit RX100 movie and Janasena.

 RX100 movie and Janasena

Name on the Wall:

As comes to the matter, a scene in RX100 movie, hero fights with someone and a wall existed in a frame. On that wall, Janasena name has appeared. Though, a person identified that and posted on Twitter account and tagged the RX100 hero Karthikeya. So, Karthikeya tweeted about that on his Twitter account. Really, it is an unexpected thing. Sometimes, some things come out like this. Of course, this is a hit film that’s why it is news other than no more. Moreover that, the director may not show that name intentionally but it existed there. Who expects this twist..!

However, every time the RX100 name is highlighting from different angles. Now, it by Janasena name. Recently, the film team conducted bidding on RX100 bike for helping the Kerala people. The heroine, Director are getting chances but there is talk about Karthikey’s next film. Payal Rajput signed for a lady oriented film in the production of  C.Kalyan. As like that, director Ajay Bhupathi got chance from Bollywood to make RX100 in Hindi. And, Famous production house Phantom films is producing RX100 movie. Though, if it will succeed in Bollywood, Ajay will be gone into next level.


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