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TV9, Mahaa TV, TV5 And ABN To Be Banned!

Abn And TV9 And TV5 And Mahaa Tv Channels Blocked

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In the latest development, close sources to the Telugu film industry has confirmed that a ban will be imposed on TV9, Mahaa TV, TV5, and ABN Telugu news channels. Tollywood bigwigs like Suresh Babu, Gemini Ganesh, and Tammareddy Bharadwaj sat together to discuss the ongoing war between the Telugu news channels and the film industry body.

It all started after the TV channels started making debates, and programs for hours together on how Sri Reddy abused Pawan Kalyan, and how casting couch is eating away the talent.

After things went out of control on the TV, it is known that Pawan Kalyan has started an anti-Media war over the 4 channels mentioned above on his twitter. Even the Media houses heads have issued legal notices to Pawan in this context. Pawan Kalyan too responded in a similar way by sending legal notices. During a meeting at the Telugu Film Chamber recently, mega-producer Allu Aravind called for a ban on these TV channels as suggested by Pawan Kalyan.

Though many people did not accept the proposal at that time, it is learned that Allu Aravind managed to bring a consensus among the bigwigs. Most likely, these channels will be banned from May 2, said a close source.

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