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HomelatestAP FM Ramakrishnudu Serious On YS Jagan!

AP FM Ramakrishnudu Serious On YS Jagan!

AP Financial Minister Serious On YS Jagan

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Andhra Pradesh Finance Minister and senior TDP leader Yanamala Ramakrishnudu expressed his anguish over YS Jagan and YSRCP. In response to a question by a reporter about the ‘Betrayal Day’ planned by YS Jagan & Team, Ramakrishnudu said, ‘betrayers don’t hold a right to stage ‘Betrayal Day’.

Isn’t it true that YS Jagan’s properties in Lotus Pond (Hyderabad), Yelahanka (Bengaluru) and Idupulapaya (Kadapa) are built with the people’s money? There is no other bigger betrayer than YS Jagan.

He takes part in ‘Padyatra’ for 4 days, sits with his lawyers for 2 days, and spends one day at the court. Isn’t this betrayal? During the state bifurcation, he made a secret agreement with Sonia Gandhi seeking a bail from his cases. Isn’t that betrayal? He tried to stall the Polavaram Project progress by filing false cases in the court. Isn’t that betrayal?’, questioned Yanamala Ramakrishnudu.

Though whatever Yanamala has said is true, he should also remember the fact that, TDP President and AP CM Nara Chandrababu Naidu also betrayed the entire State, after he failed to get the Special Category Status, despite going into an alliance. It is the same CM who as anti-SCS, and later changed his stance seeing the protests.

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