Anjali’s Selfie With That Hero Goes Viral!

Actor Jai And Anjali Birthday Selfie Viral

Actor Jai And Anjali Birthday Selfie Viral

Posted April 6, 2018, 6:23 pm at 18:23

Form the past couple of years, it is being rumored that heroine Anjali and Kollywood hero Jai have been dating. Though the couple did not confirm the same officially, they continued to appear together in the public. Many believe that love sprung between the two during the shooting of the movie ‘Journey’.

Even in the past, Anjali’s excitement did bring her ‘unwanted’ attention in the media. On the occasional of Jai’s birthday last year, Anjali paid a visit to his movie sets and celebrated his birthday in a grand style. Jai also participated in the cake cutting event.

And now, celebrating his birthday, Anjali took to twitter wishing the birthday wishes. What’s interesting was the photo she tweets. She posted a selfie of the couple. This latest picture from the heroine further fueled the speculations that the couple’s love is still strong and going on well. Well, the fans are eagerly waiting to see whether the ‘Journey’ couple’s love story will have a happy ending or not.

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