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Is Hema Blaming Charmi For Puri’s Downfall…?

The popular character actress Hema has given a furious interview to a leading web media. Known for her open talk and controversy, this lady comedian did reveal many interesting things about some of the few directors in the industry.Hema is one the few actresses who made it big when it comes to comedy in TFI but despite her stardom, she claims that actresses like her are not getting paid decently. She blamed the director Trivikram for arguing her regarding her remuneration and since then, Hema has been avoiding the wizard of words who has written lovely characters for her.

Not stopping there, Hema opined that the dashing director Puri Jagannath has completely lost his charm as he is completely overshadowed by clouds recently. Needless to say, Charmi is that cloud according to Hema as she is the new one who has become a partner of Puri and his investments. With production and supplying models via Puri Connects, Charmi is even overlooking the production formalities of Puri’s films.Hema stated that Puri can bounce back once these clouds get cleared over him such that he can work from his heart rather than by the suggestions of someone. One has to wait and see how Puri and Trivikram react to Hema’s new claims.

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