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My Father Is Yet To Give Me My Remuneration – Akash Puri

Akash Puri Comments On Puri Jagannath

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Many people often credit Puri Jagannadh for making ‘realistic’ films, and many star heroes request the director to launch their kids into the film industry. Such is the reputation of Puri Jagannadh in the film circles. But recently, after a series of debacles and box office failures, director Puri Jagannadh is back to square zero. His latest offering is ‘Mehbooba’.

He is launching his son Akash Puri through this film. Kannada actress Neha Shetty is debuting in Tollywood with this film. The movie’s teaser and trailer have created a lot of curiosity among the Telugu audience.

Speaking at an occasion, hero Akash Puri said, ‘frankly speaking, taking a movie with me as a hero itself is a very great thing for me. That’s the reason I did not even ask about my remuneration. Because I did not ask, even my father (Puri Jagannadh) also did not give me. But if he is willing to give, I will be more than glad to take it’.

Responding to this, Puri Jagannadh who shared the stage with the film’s lead cast said, ‘if the movie rakes in good collections upon its release, I will surely give more than what you have expected’. On a whole, both the son and the father have high expectations on the movie.

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