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HomelatestJanasena And YSRCP Realized It – Jayadev Galla

Janasena And YSRCP Realized It – Jayadev Galla

Galla Jayadev Warns YCP And Janasena

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TDP MP, and Amara Raja Group MD Jayadev Galla once again came down hard at Janasena and YSRCP parties. Speaking to the media, the TDP MP said that, ‘though YSRCP and Janasena are talking against BJP, they have failed to question Narendra Modi. If people come to know that these parties are in the same boat as BJP, they wouldn’t vote. Realizing this they are criticizing BJP superficially’.

Talking about the ‘Dharma Deeksha’, ‘we will continue to protest. Our fight for SCS will not stop with Dharma Deeksha. It will continue. We fought both inside and outside of the Parliament. We fought in each and every district. 4 years back, PM Modi has made many promises speaking from here.

To remind each and every promise made that day by PM Modi, we organized Dharma Deeksha.Even a small kid in the state will tell the promises given by Narendra Modi. We are just reminding those promises today. That’s all. People’s viewpoint towards BJP is on the same lines as that of Congress in the state’, concluded the TDP MP.

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