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Akkineni hero success trails

Akkineni hero Sumanth latest movie

Akkineni family hero Sumanth is trying hard for successful films. Since decades he couldn’t have at least 4comercial hits. In spite of continuous flops he is trying hard to get a hit. Recently Sumanth is back announcing his latest upcoming film. Akkineni hero Sumanth latest movie is going to be a thriller entertainer this time. He might have took this decision trying something different rather going along with regular films which aren’t getting him success.

Sumanth doesn’t dream of doing continuous films and through getting hits. It seems like doing films with the only reason of coming from akkineni family and so continuing his career. Sumanth is not concentrating on success but rather choosing the films which he think would go with the trend having good message. Furthermore he is even asking the producers and directors to go with low budget for the film. This latest movie of Sumanth is going to be under a new Director Anil Srikantam.  Sridhar is yo produce the film with less budget without any risk. They are planning to release the film by coming summer or so. Rather than Sumanth, Akkineni family is more worried about Sumanth getting a success.

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