What Made Akula Satyanarayana To Jump To Janasena?


The BJP MLA of Rajahmundry, Akula Satyanarayana has finally proved the speculations true and is all set to join Janasena officially. For those who are unable to understand his sudden shift in loyalty, he himself revealed the reason. Akula Satyanarayana has been rumoured that he will be joining Janasena for a couple of months but no one saw the jumping. However, the other day, Akula told the Press that he has come out of BJP as his Prime Minister Modi is not in a mood to save Andhra Pradesh post the bifurcation. This ex BJP leader who bared all these years with Modi’s ruling opined that Modi has some personal rivalry with the AP CM Chandrababu Naidu and thus he is troubling the AP State only to seek the revenge on the latter.

what made akula satyanarayana to jump to janasena?

So it is a waste of time and energy being in BJP if anyone wants to see AP prosperous. Satyanarayana announced that he will be officially joining Janasena on 21st of this month at any cost to see a change in the AP Politics.Akula’s entry to Janasena will only benefit the party in East Godavari district, especially in the strong constituency of Rajahmundry. Pawan Kalyan is more than welcome to accept Akula into the party as it needs more and more strong leaders like Akula along with the new young blood.


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