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HomelatestAllegations on Sadaavarthi Land is True or False?

Allegations on Sadaavarthi Land is True or False?

Allegations on Sadaavarthi Land is True or False?

Sadaavarthi land auction process has been completed and was allocated 60 crores for the land. The YCP followers were criticizing that the government has reduced the price up to 22 crores. The YCP leaders alligators that they have caused a loss of Rs 38 crore due to the decision of Chandrababu Sarkar. The TDP leaders are opposing the allegations. They are questioning that the cost of land increased for a year, where is corruption in this aspect. Also, there is some interesting news about the latest auction.

The TDP party groups allege that Satyanarayana Reddy, who won the Sadaarvati lands in the auction, is YCP leader belongs to Prodduturu. They say that this is Jagan’s strategy of buying the lands with more cost to criticize Chandra Babu government. Previously the YCP leaders and Sakshi news had criticized the government for giving the lands for 22 crores that give a loss of 98 crores to the government. After the latest auction also they got 60 crores only. If it is true then YCP leader Satya Narayana Reddy has a profit of Rs 940 crore. If the propaganda is false then the allegation is also false.

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