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Laxmi Raai Gives Clarity About Her Relationship With MS Dhoni

Lakshmi Rai Gives Clarity

Well, known cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni… before married to Sakshi Singh had many love affairs many rumors came. Among them, more rumors are with actress Lakshmi Rai only. In 2008 in IPL starting Dhoni is captain to Chennai super kings…. Lakshmi Rai is the brand ambassador for the team. In the situation they both met, it moved to love, many new had come that they are in dating and going to be married. But they break up. After two years Dhoni married to Sakshi Singh. The had a baby girl named Jeeva. They have separated ten years ago. But still, media asks Lakshmi Rai gives clarity about Dhoni.

Recently with Julee 2 movie Lakshmi Rai entered into Bollywood and given an interview to a website spot boy. In this interview, she gives a long conclusion about the affair with Dhoni. As first after asking the question she questioned media that who is Dhoni? After she gave the explanation about their friendship. Now Dhoni married and he is very happy with his family. So Please stop asking about Dhoni she said. Some matters will not move forward we have to leave and move forward she said. Media had focused much on them. And they passed rumors after they get married. She said now also she respects Dhoni so she not interested to go back to their past she said.

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