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Allu Arjun In Trouble? NPS ‘Indian Is One’ Dialogue Controversy!

Allu Arjun In Dialogue In Naa Peru Surya Naa Illu India

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From the past couple of years, social media has been dictating the prime time news of any major broadcasting house globally. The prime-time news majorly comprises of ‘trending news’ on social media. That is the extent of influence the social media is having on our lives. Similarly, Stylish Star Allu Arjun has been caught in a controversial situation.

It all started with the NPS (Naa Peru Surya) movie Dialogue Impact that released on Saturday. In a particular scene, Allu Arjun says, ‘South India… North India… East…. West … we don’t have so many Indias. We have only one India’.

Though the dialogue is bound to receive claps, given the patriotism it tries to bring out, the current mood of netizens, especially in Andhra Pradesh isn’t so. Given the political battle between the Centre and the State, many netizens on Twitter are feeling the statement ‘India is one’ as highly offensive and objectionable. “When PM Modi doesn’t treat every part of India equally, how can India be one?”, tweeted netizens.It feels as if social media has all the power to make anything controversial.

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