YSRCP MPs Fasting Updates: Mekapati And Varaprasad Rushed To Hospital


YSRCP MPs Fasting Updates

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The 5 MPs of YSRCP Mekapati Rajamohan Reddy, Varaprasad, Avinash Reddy, Mithun Reddy and YV Subba Reddy are fighting for AP by fasting indefinitely. These MPs are fighting against health and weather obeying the orders of their Supreme YS Jagan. Their health conditions are as follows.

YSRCP MPs lived up to their words by submitting their resignations to the Speaker and sitting for indefinite fast. Without touching food and water, these 5 MPs are fasting since last Friday afternoon to intensify their fight against Centre. Out of these 5 MPs, Mekapati and Varaprasad were found ill today and they immediately rushed to the hospital. Still, these MPs are stubborn by not accepting anything until they achieve Special Category Status. Dehydration is troubling the remaining three MPs Avinash, Mithun and Subba Reddy who are still fasting in the capital. They are fasting in cold weathers and humid winds blowing against them for the sake of AP. Police tried to convince them but their party leaders are cheering them up to achieve SCS. Media is covering everything but still, the so-called National Media is yet to make this news as their headlines.

Meanwhile, the TDP MPs who are just protesting in front of the Parliament silently are criticising their Oppositions. According to them, fasting and resigning yield no results. Some MPs like JC dared to question Jagan by asking the reason for making only 5 out of 7 MPs to fast. He, in turn, asks Jagan to sit for fasting along with their MPs. For now, fingers are crossed as Modi and his batch are not even giving a care to either TDPs protest or YSRCP MPs fast.

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