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Naa Peru Surya Movie Review!

Allu Arjun Naa Peru Surya Movie Review

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Movie Name: Na Peru Surya Naa Illu India Movie
Movie Cast: Allu Arjun, Anu Emmanuel, Arjun Sarja, Sarath Kumar
Director: Vakkantham Vamsi
Music Director: Vishal-Shekar
Producers: Nagababu, Sridhar Lagadapati

Story Writer Vakkantham Vamsi is making his directorial debut with ‘Naa Peru Surya, Naa Illu India’, starring Stylish Star Allu Arjun and Kerala Kutti Anu Immanuel. While Lagadapati Sridhar is producing the film, Mega brother Nagababu is presenting the movie. After hits like Sarrainodu, and DJ let us see whether Allu Arjun, who transformed himself into an Army Officer, will win at the box office or not.


Right from a very young age, Surya (Allu Arjun) is a straightforward guy, who gets into troubles, thanks to his short temper. He is currently stationed at the Dehradun Military Camp and aims to go to the Indo – Pakistan LOC (Line of Control). He ends up killing a terrorist and slapping an army officer who confronts him on the incident. Surya gets suspended on disciplinary grounds by the Colonel (Boman Irani).

After being away from the army for a good long time, Surya wishes to join the army once again. The Colonel promises that he will send Surya to the LOC, only if can get a positive test report from psychologist Raghuram Krishnam Raju (Arjun) in Vishakhapatnam.

Raghuram asks Surya to come after 21 days, and consult him once again. Did Raghuram sign on the report? Did Surya get a chance to fight at the border? What is the relation between Raghuram and Surya? How did Surya manage to stop the atrocities by Challa (Sarath Kumar)? Where, and how did Surya meet the heroine? To find the answers, watch the movie on the silver screen.


Allu Arjun has shown his brilliance as a person with a short temper. The entire movie is simply One Man Show. Bunny fans will be spellbound watching their favorite hero on the screen. Allu Arjun’s transformation into the shoes of an army officer is quite astonishing. The fight scene before the interval is the highlight of the movie.

The story isn’t that great, as it is being projected. With enough scope for comedy and elevation of the hero, character has connected with the audience quite well.

Love track between the lead pair is far from orthodox. In one of the scenes, the heroines ask the hero to go and talk about their marriage with her father. Surya, who is short term, starts strangling her neck. If the youth expects that they can see the regular kind of love track, they are definitely wrong.

Apart from the hero’s characterization, no other character is designed properly by the director. The entire film runs on ‘anger & short temper’. The director has failed to utilize a senior actor like Arjun, and a hard-working star hero like Allu Arjun. Sarath Kumar as the villain did not seem convincing.

Plus Points:

  • Bunny’s performance
  • Action Sequences & Army Training
  • Music
  • Emotional scenes between hero and his father    


  • Weak Story & Direction  
  • Slow narration & script
  • Too much drag

Telugu Bullet Punchline: Surya fails to shine!

Telugu Bullet Rating:2.25/5  

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