Bunny-Trivikram Project Needs A Female Lead

Allu Arjun Trivikram New Movie Heroine Fix

Finally, the Stylish Star after a great deal of filtering has okayed a script and he is teaming up with the maverick director Trivikram. Before hitting the shooting sets, this flick is in search of the lead actress opposite Bunny.Allu Arjun and Trivikram scored two hits in their combo proving that they can always create wonders at the box office. Now their hat-trick flick has just materialized but this time, they are dealing with a completely new subject compared to the past two scripts. To match the Stylish Star’s image, Trivikram is now rounding up Tollywood and Bollywood to rope in a perfect fresh face to pair Bunny.

Sources say that this Wizard of Words who is always interested in roping NRI actresses has changed his route now as he wants to encourage regional talents. Likewise his earlier movies, this flick too might have two actresses for the sake of commercial elements. One actress might be from the Mumbai and the other will be from the Southern movie industries.Once they finalize the lead actress, this project will commence its regular shoot to finish the flick on or before August. The producers are planning to release the flick for this year’s Dussehra in competition to Megastar’s Sye Raa. Allu Arjun and S Radha Krishna are jointly producing this high budget flick.


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