Thursday, August 18, 2022
HomelatestAmaravathi To Become A Center For Film Making

Amaravathi To Become A Center For Film Making

The capital in construction, Amaravathi is expanding its arms to all the businesses and trade across the Globe. This trade includes one of the biggest Industries of Indian Economy, The Cinema Field.The AP Government has been providing a lot of schemes and opportunities to the local filmmakers to shoot their projects in Amaravathi. By exempting the tax and other benefits to the makers who show interest to shoot in Amaravathi, the CM Chandrababu Naidu is keen on making this capital, a wonderful center for the entire filmmaking.Not stopping there, the AP Government is all set to commence the most hyped NTR Film Studio with all the facilities to make a movie.

For the small budget flicks, the tax is almost free and if their shootings are done in the capital, Government is willing to subsidize the total budget, explains a source close to the Government. Already more than 21 enthusiastic makers have applied to the these State Government’s plans.CBN wants to overshadow the Hyderabad where the Tollywood is currently spotted on by bringing the Industry to AP’s capital Amaravathi. With the new building designs and global outreach, more and more makers would show interest to capture the beauty of the newest city of India.

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