Jagan Desperate To Meet KCR Amidst AP Elections Fewer

CM KCR About AP Opposition Leader YS Jagan

The YSRCP President YS Jagan for some reasons is speculated to be keen on meeting KCR personally to congratulate the latter for his outstanding win. Apart from the wishes, Jagan has got his own plans of shaking hands with TRS as a part of the upcoming elections’ strategy. Now that both TRS and YSRCP have Publicly declared their mutual support to each other, these two are planning to meet soon.However, the close aides of Jagan are advising him not to meet KCR before the AP Elections as it might send wrong signals to the voters. Reluctant Jagan who is known for his monopolistic nature, in turn, explains to them there is no harm in meeting KCR prior to the elections of AP.

According to this Opposition leader, CBN made a pact with his rival party Congress and compared to this, his meet with KCR is not an issue at all. Jagan seems to have put complete trust on KCR’s support as this friendship if not useful for the Assembly elections would play a crucial role in the Parliament elections.Jagan shares the KCR’s enemy in the name of CBN and he too doesn’t want to be in a Political front lead by the TDP National head CBN. So, Jagan might go with the KCR’s Federal Front with all the anti-Modi groups excluding the All Indian Congress Party.


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