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HomelatestAmbati Rayudu stops match temporarily! Faces 2-Match Ban

Ambati Rayudu stops match temporarily! Faces 2-Match Ban

Ambati Rayudu stops match temporarily 

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Indian cricket, Ambati Rayudu has been handed over a ban of 2 matches in the ongoing Sayyad Ali T20 Trophy. The ban comes after BCCI reviewed the report submitted by infield umpires and the third umpire. It was during the match between Karnataka and Hyderabad the incident took place.

Karnataka which batted first, score 203 runs in their 20 overs. During Karnataka’s innings, Hyderabad fielder touched the boundary line while stopping the ball. Unaware of this, the infield umpires awarded two runs. In fact, after their innings, Karnataka captain, Vinay Kumar went up to the TV umpire to talk about the incident. After his explanation, 2 runs were added, taking Karnataka’s total to 205.

Hyderabad managed to score 203 runs in the 20 overs. Hyderabad Team captain, Ambati Rayudu appealed the umpires to declare the match as a tie, and call for a super over. He got into a heated argument with the umpires. After infield umpires rejected his proposal, Hyderabad players chose not to leave the ground. They were led by Ambati Rayudu. After the high drama, the players left the field.

Consequently, the Andhra and Kerala match became a 13-over a-side-match, instead of 20 overs. Upon reviewing the report submitted by the match officials, the BCCI handed Ambati Rayudu 2 matches ban.

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