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HomelatestWhy is this Lunar Eclipse so special?

Why is this Lunar Eclipse so special?

Why is this Lunar Eclipse so special?

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The whole world is going gaga over the ongoing lunar eclipse. But why this Lunar Eclipse is so special? Does it carry any uniqueness, unlike the previous ones? Yes, it does. But before we go further, this is completely in the context of science, rather than religion or belief. The ongoing lunar eclipse is a rare celestial event that is believed to be occurring only once in every 150 years.

What’s more shocking is that the lunar eclipse this time around, with have a blue moon, super moon, and blood moon. Yes, three space events will be taking place this time.

Generally, when we have a second full moon in the month, it is referred as a blue moon. Likewise, when the moon comes closers to earth, at its perigee, it appears 6% larger than it normally does.

Finally, a blood moon is the reddish appearance of the moon during a lunar eclipse. Though the earth completely covers the moon during a lunar eclipse, the light from the sun continues to pass on through the earth’s atmosphere to the moon. According to physics, the earth’s atmosphere scatters more blue photons than red. This causes the red photons to directly hit the moon, with blue photons scattering in all directions. This is why we see a reddish blood moon.

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