Monday, August 8, 2022
HomelatestAmit Shah’s Communal Challenge To KCR

Amit Shah’s Communal Challenge To KCR

The BJP National Chief Amit Shah challenged the Telangana caretaking CM KCR if he can make a Dalit as a CM. Details about his stupendous challenge as follows. Amit Shah graced a huge public meeting in Karimnagar to cheer up the BJP supporters. In this second meeting of his in Telangana, he shocked the political analysts by targeting KCR. amidst the speculations that BJP and TRS are working together, this challenge of Amit Shah is raising one’s eyebrows. It is indeed a fact that prior to 2014 elections.KCR himself declared that he would make a Dalit as the CM of Telangana but failed to do so.

Amit Shah’s Communal Challenge To KCR

The same point is reiterated by the BJP National head in his recent meet.Shah declared that KCR desperately wanted to make his son KTR as the CM of Telangana but not a Dalit. On the same note, he claimed that neither CBN nor KCR has the guts to fight against the MIM party except for BJP. Amit Shah countered KCR by asking if he has guts to give 12% reservation for Minorities or not. Shah’s plan is to make KCR fall in a groove where he cannot openly declare his support to Owaisi.

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