JDS Chief’s Special Attention To Astrology In Talks


The Karnataka CM Kumaraswamy is known for following the Astrology. Yesterday being the new moon day, this CM dared to postpone very important works as he is busy performing rituals to the almighty. As this New Moon Day ( Amavasya ) is considered as a bad time for any work, Kumaraswamy cancelled all his crucial meetings of his party JDS. These works include finalizing his party’s candidate for the Ramanagara Assembly segment, failing to attend the Deendayal birth anniversary. Due to the same reason, he even avoided the much-needed protocol of welcoming the Vice President at the Bengaluru airport the other day.

The Karnataka CM Kumaraswamy

Sources close to Kumaraswamy’s family state that the entire family of JDS Chief will be busy performing rituals from Monday and they last until Tuesday evening. This is not the first time Kumaraswamy avoided his works on Amavasya day and he repeats the same programme whenever his astrologer asks him to do so. Meanwhile, the critics of this 23rd CM of Karnataka ridicule him for putting Astrology in the first place to the state’s welfare programmes. Despite all odds, Kumaraswamy chooses not to change his style as he believes the same Astrology fetched him the CM seat.


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