CBN Questions Centre For Special Funds For Backward Districts

CBN Questions Centre For Special Funds For Backward Districts

The AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu fumed fire on the NDA lead Central Government for its backstabbing. Along with the forgotten promises, he questioned the Modi Sarkar regarding many funds those are halted for the bifurcated state of AP.CBN held a meeting in Anantapur district the other day after inaugurating a Pylon for Byravanithippa Irrigation Project Site. He addressed the gathering by stating that the Centre which promised 50 crores of rupees assistance for each district of AP which falls under the category of backward regions every year.

CBN claimed that the Centre failed

In reality, CBN claimed that the Centre failed to fulfil its promise to the AP State which has seven backward districts ( 3 in Uttarandhra and 4 in Rayalaseema). He disclosed that the Central Government which deposited the last year’s funds took them back without any notice to the State Government of AP violating the banking rules. On a while, CBN declared that almost 24,000 crores of rupees are yet to be paid from the Centre to the AP. Declaring Jagan as the main hurdle for the development of the State by joining hands with BJP, he asked another rival Pawan Kalyan to demand BJP for these funds rather than cornering TDP leaders.


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