Andhra CM hails Centre Monetary Sanction For Polavaram Project

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The fight of AP Politicians over the Central Government has got an apparent fruit finally. The Union Government finally bends down to fulfill just one promise among many to the state of AP.

Chandrababu Naidu sent multiple request letters to the Central Government to sanction 1700 crores to aid the Polavaram Project earlier. Centre which claimed that it is not liable to the increased rates in Tenders declared that it won’t aid AP Government regarding Polavaram. But with the Popularity CBN is gaining from all the anti-BJP groups, the Modi Batch has decided to calm down the protesters by sanctioning this fund. The Union Finance Ministry has transferred the fund sanctioning notice to AP Government and to the Water Resource Ministry stating that it is giving 1400 crores to Polavaram. It also asked the AP Government to submit the final audit of Polavaram to grant the remaining 300 crores in the future.

None other than the CM Chandrababu Naidu has shared this news of the day in AP Assembly this morning which left his cadre in joy. Not stopping there, he indirectly targeted his haters Jagan and Pawan Kalyan by saying that all those who criticise his commitment for the state would end up burning themselves. Well, this is said to the first achievement of AP state in its protest where there is still a mountain of grants to be achieved in the upcoming days.

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