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Is Pawan digging his own pit by supporting BJP?

Pawan digging his own pit by supporting BJP

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All is well with the newest party of the AP Janasena until recent times. Its Chief Pawan Kalyan’s latest acts are not helping him but fetching him unwanted doubts and controversies among his common people.

Pawan Kalyan has declared himself as a fan of Indian PM Narendra Modi right from the day of Janasena formation. Since then, whenever he needed to question the Central Government, he used to slam entire BJP and particular Ministers like Arun Jaitley and others but never utters the name of Modi. This is irking the people of AP who are treating Modi like a villain to the state. Even in his recent speech, he failed to say anything anti to Modi. Recently he gave an interview to a leading National media channel where he felt criticising Modi will not yield any results as he thinks the AP politicians has to be blamed for the state’s worse situation.

His statements only adding more authenticity to the speculations regarding his alliance with BJP in the next elections. Also, the allegations of TDP on Pawan stating that he is acting as per the direction of some BJP biggies are going to be believed as true by some innocent common people thereby losing votes and trust on him. If he continues to indirectly support BJP, forget about getting seats in Assembly but he might lose his present fans and followers.

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