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Delete Your Facebook Accounts – WhatsApp Co-Founder

WhatsApp Co-Founder Tells Everyone To Delete Facebook

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Facebook bought WhatsApp in 2014 for $19 Billion. Post that buyout, WhatsApp co-founders Brain Acton and Jan Koum have been continuing in the company. Earlier this year, Acton quit the company in January, after wanted to start a new company foundation.

In such situation, Brain Acton came up with a controversial tweet. He asked everyone to delete their Facebook account. In his short and sweet tweet, he said, ‘It is time. #deletefacebook’.

The tweet came from Brain Acton after New York Times exposed that political campaigning company Cambridge Analytics harvested data of over 50 million Facebook users without their permission. The news plunged Facebook’s stock, and this tweet is expected to affect Facebook’s stock price in the coming week.

It is worth noting that, Cambridge Analytics is the one which handled Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. The whole ‘leak’ came to light after Data Scientist Christopher Wiley, who worked closely with Cambridge University Psychologist Alexander Kogan, went public about Cambridge Analytics misdoings.

It was Alexander Kogan who played a vital role in developing the app that stole the user’s data from Facebook. He also stated that he would co-operate with Facebook, and will testify in front of the Congress.

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