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Radha Krishna Leela

Andhra Jyothi MD Radha Krishna trying to combine TDP and TRS

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Andhra Jyothi MD Radha Krishna trying to combine TDP and TRS: Now Andhra Jyothi Radha Krishna became the hot topic. He is the deepest friend to the Telugu states CM Chandrababu Naidu and KCR. If anyone has doubt about it then the clarification came from the Paritala Sriram marriage. CM KCR took Radha Krishna in the special flight to Venkatapuram who previously dislike ABN channel to air in Telangana. And there is no need tell about CM Chandrababu and RK bonding. It is not a small thing to be friendly with these opposite poles like Chandrababu and KCR. And the more toughest thing is to make them both one politically.

It is understood by the editorials of Radha Krishna from few months about TDP, BJP relationship. Radha Krishna is thinking that their relationship will not continue as BJP politics are troubling TDP. Not only thinking but he is believing that TDP should break with BJP for their good well future. If this happens then note for vote case can involve CM Chandrababu. Even CM KCR also knew this situation. If politically Chandrababu and KCR became one then the situation is different. So Radha Krishna is strongly trying to make this situation happened which makes the political sensation. If TDP, TRS combine then it’s purely Radha Krishna Leela.

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