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Rajinikanth sensational comment on Kamal Hassan

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Rajinikanth sensational comment on Kamal Hassan: In Tamilnadu, the ruling party is there to rule the state correctly with the opposition to critically oppose. Finally, the state is looking perfect but after Jayalalitha’s death, there is some disturbance in the state. The original politics in Tamilnadu is the ruling party has internal problems where the opposition couldn’t able to utilize the situation.

So everyone thought that Rajinikanth will use this situation and come to politics to change the Tamilnadu situation. But surprisingly Kamal entered into politics to change the Tamilnadu politics. Then what is the situation of Rajinikanth…? Will he enter into politics…? Then what is Tamilnadu condition…? This is the discussion raising in the country along with Tamilnadu.

Rajini never declared about his future work in politics like Kamal. Kamal is getting ready for main elections by planning statistically for his new political party. But Rajini still didn’t start all these things. There is no clarity that Rajini will join in BJP or will keep new party. After entering into politics everyone is asking Kamal that will he work with Rajinikanth. Kamal is giving the positive answer but if Rajini will be in politics of any party. These 2 will be in opposition even though friendship is between them.

Rajini Blame Kamal:

In movies, they had the cold war but in politics, they should fight directly. Kamal, Rajini both participated in Nadigar Tilingam Sivaji Ganesan memorial inauguration ceremony. On this occasion, Rajini said that ‘Sivaji Ganesan gave good lesson not only in movies but also in politics. Sivaji started the party when he was the good position in movies. He didn’t get the votes from his own constituency’. Rajini though that it’s not the disrespect to Sivaji, but it’s disrespect to that constituency. With Sivaji failure, he gave a moral that the fame of the movie is not sufficient in politics. But there should be the strength more than that. Rajini said that he doesn’t know what was that strength but his friend Kamal knew it. He accused that Kamal is not telling him. Before 2 months back he word has told. Rajini was happy to participate in this ceremony. Finally, Rajini is also thinking to enter into politics.

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