Jagan to Follow Bala Krishna


Jagan to Follow Bala Krishna

YS Chief Jagan Mohan Reddy seems to be changing according to the situations. Once upon a time, Jagan is not interested in temples, puja and muhurthas are very far to him since he came from a Christian believers family. After the defeat of 2014 elections, the total scene has reversed. He totally believes in Vishaka Saradha Peet head Swarupanand words. but there are some changes in the following, but after the defeat in Nandhyala elections, Jagan’s attitude towards such matters totally changed.

The big sign that he is going to change the muhurtham of padayatra resembles the change in his attitude after the Nandyala election result. Swami Swarupanand words took a crucial role in the postponement of Jagan padayatra that was to be held on October 27th. Chandra Babu does not have such beliefs but his wife Bhuvaneswari believes the sentiment on a good time. Babu also respects her belief and allow her to follow. Balakrishna also follows these astrological values greatly. Now unexpectedly his fan Jagan also seems to follow Balakrishna.

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