Glamorous Beauty Political Entry

Anjali Political Entry

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Anjali Political EntryGlamorous Beauty Political Entry

Anjali, who is known as a glamorous doll has reduced doing Telugu films but busy with Tamil movies. Anjali being interested in politics, recently she visited Delhi to see Parliament. Many leaders visited the Parliament after they become MP’s or after their entrance into politics. but this is strange that Anjali visit to Parliament without any declaration.

Anjali met a party president in her visit to the Parliament. The latest news portrays that she blessed with MP seat for the next elections. To win as Mp there is no scope to parties other than TDP or YCP in Andhra Pradesh, but the main party leaders are in Amaravathi. There are many speculations about the meeting.

Anjali is popular in both Tamil and Kannada, so there are more chances to win in these two states. But it’s true that this popularity is not sufficient to win as the MP without the big party’s help. Anjali, who is more popular with the controversies than the movies, let’s see what happens.

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