Baba Ramdev Repeated Modis Words

Baba Ramdev Repeated Modis Words

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Baba Ramdev Repeated Modis WordsBaba Ramdev Repeated Modis Words

Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev earned more than Ambani in Modis government. He is a common Yoga teacher when Congress government was ruling. He used to sell only some Ayurvedic medicines under the Patanjali brand. But after BJP government he became a billionaire. He is in competition with top companies like Hindustan Unilever and ITC have been ranked number one in the Consumer Goods.

Ramdev Baba made comments on China that they don’t understand our peaceful words. Everything they understand by the battle. Dragon is doing over every time when India is peaceful. Now China is coming down if we offer war.

His followers began to wonder why Yoga guru is bothered about politics. There are doubts raising that Ramdev Baba, who is close to Modi, says that India is ready for a war with China.

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