Wednesday, August 10, 2022
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Indian Robot Soldiers

DRDO design Robotic Soldiers for Indian Army

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DRDO design Robotic Soldiers for Indian Army: No countries around the United States have gurts to challenge the US but they equipped the nuclear weapons for safe. The United States is still the world’s first defense guard. But Bharat condition is not like that as enemies are around to harm at any time. Even the small country Sri Lanka is not supporting. Already India is backward to form the weapons. But DRDO said that in one thing India will be first.

Bharat army is brave enough to handle any war but India can’t unnecessarily lose soldiers. That’s why military robots are been forced to repel the fiercest attacks. DRDO designed these robots to fight back in the war in any kind of situations, environment. In few days these robots serve in Kashmir border.

500 above robots are getting ready to serve the country if the results are good enough then it will be used in China borders and to fight back with Naxals. Pakistan and China got shocked by knowing thus news. Already China is scared of India and now with the robot soldiers, they are now more scared.

We are just best friends – Kajal

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