AP Government’s Offers For Small Budget Films

AP Government Offers For Small Budget Films

Andhra Pradesh government slowly moves towards establishing the film industry in Andhra Pradesh. For this, the AP government announced an offer for small budget films. The film which shot in Andhra Pradesh within the budget of 4 crores, that film is eligible to get a subsidy from the government. In GST 14%, state government pays back 9% of GST money to the film producers. Moreover, if a film is good then that film can get 10 lakh rupees from the state government and only the 15 best films are eligible for it every year. All this process goes under APSFTVTDC and film producer should register their film.

Incentives provided by the AP Government:

Although, to get shooting permission free of cost, for low budget Telugu feature films that are going to be shot in the locations under the control of the Government situated in the state. Though the producer will pay first for that locations after completion of film shooting money will be paid back. But, if there any damages in the location will be charged. A single window system will be set up for this purpose. As like that, the 10 lakh money prize will be given to 15 films every year. But, should have a good concept and entirely shot in Andhra Pradesh. To Reimburse the state’s share of GST collections on the sale of tickets i.e, 9%/14% to the producer of low budget Telugu feature films based on the production of the certificate from the Commercial Tax Department.

APSFTVTDC by paying the prescribed fee

Although, the registered office of production house will be located in the Andhra Pradesh. And, production house name will be registered its name with APSFTVTDC by paying the prescribed fee. Moreover, the entire film should be shot in Andhra Pradesh only and post-production works also will be done in Andhra Pradesh. An important thing is that the film budget should not exceed 4 crores. Finally, it is a very big step by Andhra Pradesh Government. Let’s see how many films follow these rules and get incentives.



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