Supremes Of YSRCP And Janasena Lack Developments In Manifestos

Supremes Of YSRCP And Janasena Lack Developments In Manifestos

The two Young leaders of Andhra Pradesh Jagan and Pawan Kalyan is constantly targeting the AP CM Chandrababu Naidu for not developing the State. But some pro TDP media are countering these leaders and their manifestos with the same reason.Both these leaders claim that young blood is required in the State Politics to have change and development. Not saying these, they are slamming the ruling party TDP for not developing the capital Amaravathi even after four years of ruling.

Pawan Kalyan is constantly targeting the AP CM

If we have a deep glance at the manifestos of these two young leaders, their agendas are pretty much opposite to their tall claims. Y.S Jagan’s Navaratnalu talks about interesting offers to the lower castes of the society and offers for the poor people regarding pensions, health, and loans. He rarely talked about creating jobs and developing the State and its capital. Coming to the most buzzed Janasena’s manifesto, it is more or less similar to the YSRCP’s agenda.Pawan Kalyan grabbed the limelight by his unique offers to all sections of the society and utilized BC Reservations to the maximum. Pawan Kalyan is known for his vast knowledge across many topics always talks about development.Pawan Kalyan grabbed the limelightIt is disappointing for everyone as he failed to include any point regarding the development in his released agenda. Analysts feel that Youngblood like Jagan and Pawan are also sailing the same boat while coming to the manifestos along with the veterans. Rather than preparing agendas keeping vote banks in mind, these young Politicians should implement what they speak in their meetings to have a change.


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