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HomelatestJagan’s U-turn on BC Reservations: Kapu leaders leaving the party

Jagan’s U-turn on BC Reservations: Kapu leaders leaving the party

Politicians should maintain their cool when they are among the Public and media. One wrong step or word would cost them a lot which can’t be repaid by any means. Seems the Opposition leader of AP, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has become the victim of the above mentioned dire situation.

Jagan’s U-turn on BC Reservations
YSRCP head YS Jagan has missed the CM’s chain with just a few percentages of votes. Anyone would agree that if TDP contested alone without Janasena and BJP, it would have lost against YSRCP in 2014. Such a leader has all the chances in the world to try once again to win the Power. But Jagan has failed to utilize everything and left all the favorable chances to raise the buzz among the Public.

ysrcp and janasena

Many times, he got the chances to trouble TDP Government in the name of Special Category Status or Vote for Cast etc but he distanced far from Assembly to follow his own strategy. Also, his monopolistic nature and careless attitude towards seniors in the party too kept him in the unwanted groove. Acts like Commenting Pawan Kalyan’s personal life and U-turn on Kapu Reservations completely destroyed the YSRCP’s hopes for the upcoming elections.


More than anything, the Kapu community and its leaders who are supporting YSRCP to dethrone CBN are now furious over Jagan’s dual stands. At the same time, Janasena’s promise to achieve BC Reservations doubled this blow on YSRCP. The result is the BC leaders leaving the party one by one. None other than the ex MLC and to be a contestant of Rajamahendravaram Rural of YSRCP, Kandula Durgesh has almost left the party to join Janasena. This is said to be a huge loss to YSRCP as the leader Durgesh is taking other BC leaders along with their supporters and vote bank along with him. Political goers expect more defections of BC leaders from YSRCP.


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