Monday, September 27, 2021

@Teaser “Hulchul”


‘Hulchul’, what a name it is to set as the title! ‘Hulchul’ Have you listened to this type of drink ever before? If not, a film makes you know and the film is “Hulchul”. Dhanya Balakrishna, Rudhraksh Utkam are cast of the film and the director is Sripathy Karri. Though Rudhraksh makes his debut with this film as a hero and we well know about Dhanya Balkrishna.


Actually, we have seen many psychological thrillers before and some have gotten success and some gone flopped. And, now another psychological thriller on the board. Although, this Hulchul movie highlights a drink which named Huchul and how funny it is. But, the storyline which was represented in the teaser is really different and fresh. In daily lives, sometimes humans think about their dreams and illusions and confused also. But, it happens not daily but if a man faces this condition every day. Now, this is the storyline of this “Hulchul”.


Actually, the director may be cut this teaser to tell the main plot of the film. Although, if feel it is the plot we should watch the next step of the story. But, what will the director show in the trailer then? But, we think there is another logic in the plot so we should wait for it. Whatever it, the film teaser may create “Hulchul” on Youtube.

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