Wednesday, February 1, 2023
HomelatestWill KCR regain power and enter record books?

Will KCR regain power and enter record books?

The TRS Chief KCR is working hard to come into Power for the second time in a row. Political analysts and senior most journalists share their views on KCR’s chances of victory for the second time.

KCR to create Federal Front

Despite his hate comments on AP and its people, KCR became the first ever Chief Minister of Telangana and registered his name in Indian Political record books. With a thumping majority, TRS needed no support from another party to form Government and it is likely to repeat the same magic in the upcoming elections as well. For now, KCR is planning to disengage his Assembly to go for early elections to turn the existing buzz on TRS into votes. TRS Supreme completely ignored the National Politics and Federal Front and started concentrating on Telangana for the second term as well. He is more than confident to regain Power to create records for electing second time in a row in the history of Telangana.

Congress and TDP and TRS

Experts support KCR’s aims as their opinion polls and surveys favor TRS’s win yet again. Lack of strong opposition nor an Opposition leader is making the TRS appear tall and strong. In addition to this, the maximum percentage of voters in Telangana is more than ok with TRS’s ruling that Congress and TDP. So chances are likely that TRS would emerge as the winner in upcoming elections with even better seats than 2014.

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