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‘Paper Boy’ Has Thrown The Trailer


A story of Paper Boy! the story of graduate! a story of a lover boy! a story of a boy with these three elements! – Yes. Every day we see the paper boys, but this ‘PaperBoy’ represents the paper boys’ cause to throw a paper in a single dialogue. We can watch the teaser for that dialogue. But, this time the paperboy turned completely to love the mood. Although, he defines the Kiss in another angle. Finally, Paper Boy threw the trailer on YouTube and let’s open.


As come to the trailer, Santhosh Sobhan came onto the screen after Thanu Nenu(2015) and he brings a fresh love story. A poetic approach has clearly shown in both teaser and trailer. A paperboy’s love with a rich girl is a clear-cut story as per the trailer. Of course, many films come on this plot that the hero loves the rich heroine. But, a paperboy point of the story is somewhat new. Though leaving the hero’s job matter, the trailer gives a fresh feeling. If we observe, his diary reads by an unknown girl so this may be a diary narrative story. Moreover, director Sampath Nandi gave the story for this and he again became as producer after Hero Aadi’s Gaalipatam movie. And, heroine Riya Suhan also makes her debut with this film in Telugu. As well as music is awesome, and Bheems nailed it. Finally, the ‘Paper Boy’ teaser and trailers are creating a buzz to watch this film. Although, the movie is releasing on 7th September. Which movie lover wants to miss A fresh love story?


Cast: Santosh Shoban, Riya Suman, and Tanya Hope
Director: Jaya Shankar
Music: Bheems
Producer: Sampath Nandi
Banner: Sampath Nandi TeamWorks
PRO: Vamsi Shekar

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