AP Police Gave A Rude Shock to Kathi Mahesh

AP Police Gave A Rude Shock to Kathi Mahesh

Piler police, subsequent to declining to permit film critic Kathi Mahesh to address a press meet conducted by MRPS in the town…

Mahesh, who was extended by Hyderabad police from the city following the comment over his comments against Lord Rama, came here on Monday morning and went to his home at Yelamanda in Piler Mandal.

Afterward, he came to Piler to meet a legal counselor, sources said including that Mahesh met the lawyer to talk about the procedure for enlisting his name as a voter in his town.

In the interim, police who came to think about Mahesh visit to his town went to his town Yelamanda first. Afterward, a police team drove by Valmikipuram Circle Inspector Tejomurthy went to the backer house in Piler and requested that Kathi Mahesh leave Piler.

The cop also revealed to him that in perspective of dangers from different Hindu meetings, he was not permitted to remain in his town and furthermore to address the press meet by MRPS slated at night in Piler town.

Mahesh had some contention with the police for not enabling him to address the press meet. Be that as it may, the police, in a move to avoid problems, sent him to Bengaluru in a vehicle before the landing of MRPS activists to the spot. In any case, MRPS leaders excoriated the police for sending Mahesh far from the locale to avoid him tending to the MRPS meeting.

He attempted to play the Dalit card by claiming that he is focused on in light of the fact that he is a Dalit. Despite the fact, that police cautioned him not to be activated in social media as well.

As indicated by the most recent Katti Mahesh who is right now in AP, attempted to hold a press meet in Chittoor. Anyway AP police too offered stun to him by ceasing his press meet and asking him to take a hike him to Bengaluru.

Piler in-control Circle Inspector S. Tejamurthy stated that “We gave him escort at city outskirts. He said he was going to Bengaluru,”


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