Safety First… Creativity Next…?

Safety First... Creativity Next.

Telugu film industry is second biggest one in India after Bollywood. But, it is going with the very low rate of success percentage. In 2017, nearly 160-180 movies were released but only below 10% movie are got success. What’s the reason behind this..? Same stories repeated continuously that it leads to flop rate. Is there no directors or writers to create new stories…? Although, some producers don’t want to make creative experimental films that are the present hesitation in film communities. But producers encourages only a few experimental stories and majorly agree with commercial films because their first priority is safety sometimes.

Now, Telugu film industry’s well-known producer Dil Raju facing criticisms about not encouraging different stories. In career beginning, he brought new stories to us but now there were whispers about his safe game by choosing commercial ones and there were gossips also about his ghost direction. This type of discussions about script selections is not the first time, in earlier times, AVM productions and Suresh productions too faced these problems. They were also made films on safe line sometimes and to make more films also for industry. Of course, sometimes they release small films also but only with low budgets.

Recent movies, Pelli choopulu, Ami thumi, Kshanam, Arjun Reddy, Rx 100 are versatile. But these all are small budget films as compared to our Telugu cinema market. Actually, small producers produced these films with low budgets but there is a point these budgets are not small to them. They make films with the budget which they can bear, so that is their huge investment. Then, Big banners can do wonders with superb concepts and experiments with excellent quality. Finally, new writers to prove themselves with creative experimental scripts having only with the low budget may help to make a film on Big Banners…!


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