Wednesday, March 22, 2023
HomelatestCBN finally back steps on Tirumala Temple’s closedown

CBN finally back steps on Tirumala Temple’s closedown

After facing an unexpected urge from the common man and criticism from the Oppositions, the AP Chief Minister CBN directed the TTD to issue a breaking news regarding the Temple closedown.

Earlier, the TDP Chief Chandrababu Naidu who conducted a meeting with the TTD and its officials decided to close down the busiest times of the world, Tirumala for one weel, i.e. from 9th August to the 16th. They stated that the rituals of Maha Samprokshanam should be performed to the temple. Mahasamproksham is the Hindu ritual of cleansing the temples while shutting it down temporarily for a week or so. It will be done once in every twelve years as per the Hindu tradition. Initially, TTD decided to perform it by halting the Darshans but the severe backlash from maximum people and the priests made the CBN have second thoughts.

After having an urgent meeting with the TTD Board, CBN issued a fresh statement that the Darshans are allowed during the Mahasamproksham. However, the number of Pilgrims allowed inside would be regulated as per the inflow. Also, the Chief of TDP asked the TTD to continue with the rituals to complete them in one week to continue unlimited Darshans to the devotees. Netizens and Oppositions who slammed TDP and CBN are now ridiculing the Chief Minister for his double standards in order to get votes. YSRCP, as usual, took the credit of halting the close down of the temple.

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