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AP Cyber Wing Dept. Takes A Cue From Hollywood Sci-fi Movies!

AP Takes A Cue From Hollywood Sci-fi Movies

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In a meeting with the bureaucrats, the AP CM said there the AP Police should adopt modern technology to solve various cases efficiently. At the same time, the AP CM also called for the strengthening of Cyber Security, especially in the wake of various cyber-attacks.

The interiors of the Cyber Wing Dept. in the AP Police Tech Towers feel like they have been imported from a high budget Hollywood Sci-fi film. The interiors of the AP Cyber Wing Department are just spell bounding, taking us fast forward into 2050.

According to close sources, the government will also recruit eminent cyber-security experts to train the state’s cyber-security win professionals. The premises will also accommodate Octopus Wing, Police Recruitment Board, Police Housing Corporation, Police Transport Organization, and Technology services wing.

Despite the lack of funds for carrying on the development activities in the state, the AP State Government is doing all it takes to make the newly constructed government offices nothing short of a ‘future’. It looks like Babu is busy once again developing the offices at international level, rather than the people, and the villages.

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