Apple to Launch ‘Make in India’ iPhones on Global Release Day


Apple to Launch ‘Make in India’ iPhones on Global Release Day:

“Apple to Begin Sales of ‘Make in India’ iPhone 15 Globally on Release Day” Reliable sources have confirmed that Apple will start selling the ‘Make in India’ iPhone 15 on the first day of its global release, both within the country and for export to select international markets, according to reports on Tuesday.

These sources also revealed that India-produced iPhone 15 units will be available on the same day as the global launch, which occurred on Tuesday in the United States. Additionally, a limited number of ‘Make in India’ iPhone 15 units will be shipped to other countries shortly after the global launch.

In August, Apple’s manufacturer, Foxconn, accelerated local production of the iPhone 15 at its facility near Tamil Nadu, as part of the company’s commitment to the ‘India’ initiative. Apple intends to offer locally assembled iPhone 15 models as soon as they are launched globally next month, aiming to reduce the gap between the launch and availability while increasing exports from India to other countries.

Last year, Apple began assembling the iPhone 14 at the Foxconn facility in India in September, marking the first time in years that a new iPhone was assembled shortly after its global launch. The iPhone 15 is expected to bring significant updates, including camera system improvements across the range, with the Pro models receiving an enhanced 3-nanometer processor. Additionally, the iPhone 15 is expected to introduce USB-C charging, a first for Apple, signaling a new era for the company.

apple to launch 'make in india' iphones on global release day-0-min
Apple to Launch ‘Make in India’ iPhones on Global Release Day-0-min

Apple’s iPhones are projected to capture 7% of the Android-dominated smartphone market in India this year, driven by local manufacturing, with previous-generation iPhones contributing to the market’s momentum.

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