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Aravinda Sametha #BGM Jukebox #Dilaogue Promos


Finally, the BGMs are here… The most captivated movie of 2018, Aravinda Sametha’s BGMs and dialogue promos are here. Thaman’s musical magic with BGMs and Trivikram’s pen power are here. Every pivotal part of the film has the best BGM itself and Thaman made them like that and moreover, Trivikram made him like that.

What a movie it is… aftermath is the concept and for the first time in Telugu film industry. Really, Trivikram’s extraordinary thoughts and Jr.NTR magnified acting, Thaman’s surrendering music, all are captivated the audiences and dragged us into the movie. The TTT combination got a huge success in their careers in the form of Aravinda Sametha Veera Raghava movie.

Every BGM gave goosebumps in the theatres while watching the film. So, the team has released the BGMs and dialogue promos. Recently, the film success meet was held and Bala Krishna attended the success meet. Really, that was a huge thing for Nandamuri fans.

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