Arjun Reddy As Comrade…

Arjun Reddy As Comrade...

Vijay Devarakonda… All know him as Arjun Reddy… In Arjun Reddy, he was an angry young man, but his rebel nature we saw in that film. Now, he converts as Comrade. This comrade has a tagline, that is Fight for what you love. This is his next movie on Mythri Movie Makers banner and title is Dear Comrade. This title is too different and the tagline says something about the movie. Although, Geetha Govindam’s Geetha once again pairs with him means Rashmika is the heroine of this Dear Comrade.

Vijay Devarakonda... All know him as Arjun Reddy.

Though there is an important thing is Vijay first time acts as Andhra boy. That means, in his previous movies he has used only Telangana slang but this time in this movie he uses Andhra slang. Of course, there are many types of slangs in Andhra Pradesh such as Srikakulam, Rayalaseema, Godavari districts, Krishna river areas. Though, in which slang Vijay will speak..! We will see…


Whatever it may be, Vijay Devarakonda goes in a rapid way with his movie after Arjun reddy. He did Geetha Govindam on Geetha Arts banner which is a big one, as well as he ready to do this Dear Comrade on Mythri Movie Makers. This movie’s regular shoot has started in East Godavari’s Thondangi village. New director Bharath Kamma is director, Justice Prabhakaran is music composer and Sujith Sarang is Cinematographer of this movie DEAR COMRADE.


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