Arjun Reddy New Record In Overseas

Arjun Reddy New Record In Overseas

Arjun Reddy New Record In Overseas

Arjun Reddy New Record In Overseas: Vijay Devarakonda’s latest movie ‘Arjun Reddi’ directed by Sandeep has received a nice applause from the audience. The cinema celebrities are also appreciating the film. The movie unit is expecting 50 million mark collections from two Telugu states and also from Overseas. It’s very rare that A certificate film to attract the family audience too. The film has a new record in Overseas.

Many Tollywood films has good collections in Tollywood but the movies were not A certified. A certified film does not collected even a half million dollar in United States. but this movie is able to grab 2 million dollars collection. Telugu people in US are interested in the movie that increased the expectations on the movie. Even there are many kissing scenes and bold scenes in the movie, they are not bothering the family audience. Therefore the collections are reaching to the next level.

Posted August 30, 2017, 6:13 pm at 18:13


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