Prepaid Current Policy Telangana State

Prepaid Current Policy Telangana State

Prepaid Current Policy Telangana State

Prepaid Current Policy Telangana State: Now Telangana government planning for pre-paid current. Mobile prepaid recharge seems to current can also make a prepaid recharge. Trans Co. thinking to fix a swiping machine in the place of meters. They have already studied this issue in South Africa and Telangana electricity department thought this will run at here. KCR also willing on this issue. Because money correctly comes as the time to power department. So current users also using of current is a limit.

This is the benefit to both users and electricity department. no targets for the staff to do the work. The debt is going this policy is not safe, many countries will implement this policy. After an experimentally examined said by experts. In the present system, they have some time to pay the bill. But if they don’t have money to recharge in suddenly they not have current some are opposing.

Posted August 30, 2017, 2:02 pm at 14:02 



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