No More 1000 Notes

No More 1000 Notes

No More 1000 Notes

No More 1000 Notes: The change of currency became a comedy to people after the demonetization. Two thousand notes are announced to cancel, Ten rupees coin is not allowed. After the new 50 rupees note is out the old one should be banned. Not only that rumors are spreading that new 1000 rupees notes are to release.

RBI has denied these rumors and revealed that if there are any declarations they will declare it. since the 200 note is in the market there is no problem related to currency. Some are confusing people with the change problems in India. The central government gave clarity about these and also 500 and 100 notes are in public. a hundred notes are out everywhere, the market will automatically solve the retail problem.

Posted August 30, 2017, 4:02 pm at 16:02


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