Assam man confesses to killing his wife and in-laws


After killing his wife and in-laws, an Assam man turns himself up.

On Tuesday, in Golaghat town, Assam, a man surrendered to the police after committing a shocking triple murder, killing his wife and her parents. The incident sparked outrage among the town’s residents, leading to a chaotic scene outside the police station on Monday night after the man’s surrender.

assam man confesses to killing his wife and in-laws
The man, identified as Najibur Rahman, allegedly murdered his wife

The man, identified as Najibur Rahman, allegedly murdered his wife, Sanghamitra Ghosh, along with her parents, Sanjeev and Junu Ghosh, at their residence in the Hindi School Road locality. Sanghamitra’s sister, Ankita, revealed that she witnessed Rahman attacking the family via a video call on Monday evening. She immediately alerted the neighbors, but by the time they arrived at the scene, all three victims had already been killed.

After committing the crime, Rahman fled with his and Sanghamitra’s infant son. However, a few hours later, he turned himself in at the Golaghat police station, Assam bringing the child with him. Currently, Rahman is in police custody, and he is scheduled to appear before a court on Tuesday. The infant has been placed in a children’s home for care.

Ankita disclosed that Rahman had concealed his true identity, going by the name Rimon Bora when he married Sanghamitra. She further claimed that Rahman forcibly married her sister in Kolkata and subjected her to domestic violence. After enduring mistreatment, Sanghamitra had left Rahman’s house and returned to live with her parents in Golaghat, but he continued to harass her during his visits.

Local residents who were angered by the incident demanded capital punishment for the accused, leading to protests outside the Golaghat police station Assam. The situation escalated as the mob began pelting stones at the police, resulting in the police having to use lathi charge to disperse the agitators.

A senior police officer stated that Rahman is being questioned while in custody, and the investigation is ongoing.


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