Assess Success of Schemes,” Urges CM MK Stalin to Planners


Assess Success of Schemes,” Urges CM MK Stalin to Planners:

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M K Stalin has urged the State Planning Commission’s deputy chairperson and members to assess the effectiveness of government welfare schemes, provide reports on their impact, and ensure that the advice they offer to various government departments is being properly implemented.

During the fourth meeting of the State Planning Commission, Stalin also encouraged the commission to expedite the development of policies related to waste management, agricultural land use, water resources, employment and skill development, and housing.

assess success of schemes, urges cm mk stalin to planners
Assess Success of Schemes, Urges CM MK Stalin to Planners

He expressed gratitude for the commission’s contributions to policy decisions in areas such as gender dysphoria, medical rights, tourism, and more, emphasizing its role in guiding the government’s progress. Stalin also called for a study on the impact of the “Naan Mudhalvam” (I am Leader) scheme, which aims to prepare students for post-education careers and has helped 1,74,183 youth secure jobs.

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