Sensor Board 48cuts in a movie

Babu moshai bandookbaaz trailer

Sensor Board cuts Babu moshai bandookbaaz scenes

The most trending news in Bollywood is about Babu moshai bandookbaaz. After the release of the teaser the expectations for this film are high. Babu moshai bandookbaaz trailer attracts youth as it contains alot of romantic scenes in it. Later the film unit releases a video song in YouTube for which the response is tremendous because this video also contains alot of adult content. The whole unit of the film expected that those would be a highlight for the movie and due to which most of youth would come to watch the film. But here comes the real villain that is the sensor board is not agreeing to release this movie because of the too much adult content which is present in the film.

If they want to release the movie forcefully the sensor board would cut nearly 30mins of scenes in the film. Recently sensor board gave 48cuts, beep sound for the abusive language in some scenes. Furthermore, they has blur some of the scenes where they thought there is too much of exposing. But the producers of the film are not happy with this and they say that if the movie is released in theatres as said by sensor nothing would be their to show as they wanna actually narrate the story to the audience. Whatever it may be the sensor board is never going to agree to the producer’s word.

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